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The Number of Clients Serviced by Renaissance Credit Exceeded 14 Million People

27 May 2021

The total number of clients serviced by Renaissance Credit exceeded 14 million people. This indicator increased by 8% during one year.

According to the statistics, women apply for bank products more often - they represent 58% of the client base. Around third of the clients are aged 30-39 years, 26% – 40-49 years. 45% of clients have a higher education. 

The majority of the client reside in Moscow and Moscow region - 12.4%. Saint Petersburg ranks number two, Krasnodar Region - number three. The bank products are also popular in Tatarstan Republic, Rostov Region, Bashkortostan Republic and Sverdlovsk Region.

POS loans are the most popular product of the bank applied for by 72% of the clients. Personal loans rank number two, credit cards - number three. The credit card line was expanded in March 2021 with a new product - the “Wise” card with a grace period of 145 days.

One interesting fact: a client from Ulan-Ude turned out to be the most active user of Renaissance Credit services. Since 2014 he applied for 395 of the bank products. While the owner of the longest credit history at Renaissance Credit turned out to be a resident of the Moscow Region. He applied for his first POS loan in 2004 and continues to use the services of the bank today.