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The deposit scheme ‘Interest in advance’ offered by Renaissance Credit is in top rankings on the market of banking deposits

22 Dec 2020

According to rankings by independent financial services the deposit scheme ‘Interest in advance’ offered by Renaissance Credit bank is among the leading offers on the market of banking deposits with advance interest payout.

For example, the largest financial marketplace «Выбери.ру» ranked the deposit scheme “Interest in advance’ number two (among top-eight). The ranking takes into account such factors as: reliability of the bank, its position in different ratings and rankings, real income generated by the deposit and, of course, the interest rate.

The deposit scheme was launched in November 2020. One of its unique features is that the interest is paid on the Renaissance Credit current or debit card account (selected by the client) during the next working day after the deposit has been opened. The funds can be immediately used for any personal purposes. The interest is not included into the tax base of physical persons and is not subject to the Federal law No 102-ФЗ, since the deposit can be opened until 29 Dec 2020.

Comment by Yana Bezrukikh, Vice-President, Head of Department for Deposit and Commission Products of Renaissance Credit: “We are glad our product has been appreciated by the clients and by financial analysts. The deposit is a seasonal offering, however due to its popularity we consider the possibility of its transformation into an additional option to the standard deposit range of the bank.”