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Renaissance Credit started issuing Mir bank cards

8 November 2019

Renaissance Credit started issuing bank cards of the Mir Payment System. The card can be applied for at any branch office of the bank. The card envisages cashback and interest on the remaining balance of own funds.

Mir bank card is a convenient payment instrument for making everyday purchases which allows to get additional benefits in the form of cashback awarded for payments with the card for goods and services. Cashback size equals 1% of the purchase amount in any category (the maximum size of cashback for one card is limited to 7000 roubles per calendar month), and up to 30% of the purchase amount in internet stores–partners of the bank (their number exceeds 600). Besides, card holders will have access to cashback from partners of the Mir Payment System. To obtain access to this form of cashback clients have to register and bind the national payment card on the website Thereby holders of Mir cards can obtain double benefits when paying with the card for goods and services.

Commission for issuance of the Mir bank card equals 99 roubles and is charged once the card has been issued. Commission for the card servicing is not charged if the holder makes payments for at least 5 000 roubles with the card. Otherwise the commission equals 99 roubles per month.

There is an option of free bank transfers to the card account via card-to-card service on the website of the bank or in the internet/mobile bank, provided the total amount of transfers during one month does not exceed 150 000 roubles. Clients can withdraw cash with the card free of charge in all cashier-desks and cash dispensers of the bank, as well as cash dispensers of other banks (even those located abroad) for the amount of up to 25000 roubles.

Using the Mir bank card with the mobile application, clients of the bank can pay for miscellaneous services – mobile communications, Internet, housing and communal services etc., transfer funds to their own accounts and accounts of other individuals with Renaissance Credit, as well as make external transfers to accounts at other credit institutions. Depositors onto the card can gain interest on their deposits.

Mir bank cards issued by Renaissance credit also provide additional income in the form of interest accrued monthly on the remaining balance of own funds. If the client makes payments with the card for at least 5000 roubles per calendar month then the interest is calculated using the following rate: 7.25% for the remaining balance of 0 - 499 999,99 roubles during one calendar month for which the interest is accrued, and 6% for the remaining balance of 500 000,00 roubles and above. In case the client makes payments for less than 5000 roubles per month, the interest equals 5% per annum.

Comment by Svetlana Surina, Executive Director, Head of Department for Development of Retail Banking Products at Renaissance Credit: “We have expanded the range of our cards by offering the clients a new product which combines benefits of a standard debit card and loyalty programme of the bank with additional bonuses as well as higher cashback offered by partners of the Mir Payment System. By regularly using the Mir bank card, the holders can materially save on everyday purchases and earn additional income in the form of accrued interest on the remaining balance of own funds.”

Comment by Maria Tochilova, Director for Development of Products, Digital and Technological Services of the Mir Payment System: “We expect that by joining the number of issuers of the national payment cards, Renaissance Credit will provide its clients - holders of Mir cards with an opportunity to benefit from making everyday purchases. While additional options in the form of cashback from the bank and partners of the Mir Payment System – as well as interest on the balance of own funds – should allow clients of the bank not only to spend cost-effectively, but also to save comfortably.”

First Mir national banking cards were issued in December 2015. Today the cards are accepted throughout the country. Besides, one can pay with the national payment card and withdraw cash in Armenia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kyrgyzstan and some cash dispensers in Kazakhstan and Belorussia. Bank cards Mir are also accepted in cash dispensers and POS-terminal of the Turkish largest banks.