Press Releases

Renaissance Credit renews design of its bank cards

23 July 2019

Renaissance Credit started issuing bank cards with a new design. Debit cards are now issued in black color while credit cards – in light gray color with a holographic image.

The branded pattern of the bank (combination of two “Р” letters forming the infinity sign) became the key element of the design concept. It is a coded message of permanent growth, development, advancement and self-improvement.

Comment by Alexey Gribkov, Executive Director, Head of Department for Development of Distance Business and Promotion of Banking Products at Renaissance Credit: “The new card design is one of the stages of implementation of the new corporate style introduced in April. At the moment we are taking persistent efforts to unify all carriers of the corporate style in accordance with the single concept.”

Comment by Svetlana Surina, Executive Director, Head of Department for Development of Retail Banking Products at Renaissance Credit: “Having changed the design of our cards we kept their attractive essence, understanding that above all the clients are interested in the functionality – as a rule they choose the product on the basis of additional benefits they can obtain while using it. Our card is a convenient payment instrument: it is quite suitable for making everyday purchases and allows to receive cashback or bonuses thus making the purchases more attractive.”

Changes in the card design will not affect the relevant tariffs and issuance procedures. Exchange of old cards for the new ones will take place upon their expiry.