Press Releases

Renaissance Credit Pays the Coupon to Bondholders on Its Series BO-06 Exchange Bonds 

17 August 2021

Renaissance Credit paid in full the premiere coupon on its series BO-06 exchange bonds (issue identification number 4B020603354B as of 08.04.2013, ISIN RU000A102RN7). The income payable amounted to ₽161 680 000 or ₽40,42 per bond. The interest rate on the first coupon was 8,15% per annum.

Renaissance Credit placed an issue of uncertified exchange-traded bonds of BO-06 series for a total amount of ₽4 bn on February 17, 2021. The maturity date of the bonds is five years from the issue date; the coupon period is 6 months. The bond issue envisages an offer option to bondholders which can be executed after 3 years from the placement date.

“The Bank fulfills its duties on time and in full, adhering to the best corporate and financial practices. Enhancing loyalty of investors, we aim to diversify bank’s funding base through active work at the public debt market”, - commented Viktor Kasyanov, Senior Vice President for Investment Business and Treasury Management at Renaissance Credit.