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Renaissance Credit Pays the Coupon to Bondholders on Its Series BO-04 Exchange Bonds 

17 December 2021

Renaissance Credit (the "Bank" or the "Company") paid in full the coupon on its series BO-04 exchange-traded bonds (4B020403354B as of 08.04.2013, ISIN RU000A102H83) for the second coupon period ended December 15, 2021. Income payable amounted to RUB 84,740,000. The coupon rate for periods 1-6 was set at 8.45% per annum.

Denis Anokhin, Vice President, Director of the Investment Department at Renaissance Credit, commented: “As always the Bank fulfilled its obligations under its own securities on time and in full. We value the trust of our investors and monitor the situation on debt capital markets closely.”