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Renaissance Credit offers the clients a convenient method of credit card delivery

28 August 2019

Renaissance Credit offered its clients a new convenient method of credit card delivery. One can get the card not leaving one’s home or office. He or she only needs to fill in the relevant application on the website and after it has been approved the card will be delivered by a courier to the specified address on the specified time.

This service is available in 80 cities of Russia. Delivery services are provided by a courier company – partner of the bank. After filling in the application on the website the client receives an sms message with results of its consideration by the bank. If the application has been approved, the client is contacted by a contact-center specialist to find out the address where the card is to be delivered to.

The card can be activated and PIN-code assigned in the mobile or internet bank of Renaissance Credit. Clients without access to distance services can fill in an application on the website of the bank to obtain the access.

Comment by Svetlana Surina, Executive Director, Head of Department for Development of Banking Products at Renaissance Credit: “It is a convenient, modern and safe way to receive cards which saves time and increases customer loyalty to the financial institution as a whole. At the same time, the new service allows the bank to maintain its competitive position on the market.”

Comment by Polina Kuzmina, Executive Director, Head of Service for Distance Distribution of Banking Products and Customer Service at Renaissance Credit: “Contemporary clients are not satisfied with just an attractive product offer. They pay more and more attention to miscellaneous additional services, and availability of delivery is one of them. Advantages of the service are obvious: one does not need to waste time on visiting the bank’s office. A courier delivers to the client the complete set of documents. The client only has to read and sign them.”