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Renaissance Credit announces about organizational changes

Renaissance Credit has announced about organizational changes within its structure. Tatyana Khondru, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Renaissance Credit, became head of the retail and investment business of the bank. She will be responsible for formulation of the bank's strategy, product line development within the retail and investment business, distribution of banking products via digital channels, management of the client analytics and marketing. Before the reorganization, Tatyana was responsible for all financial aspects of the bank's business, strategy and risk management.

Tatyana Khondru joined the management team of Renaissance Credit in November 2004. Prior to joining the bank, she worked for eight years at General Electric (GE), one of the largest multinational companies. During her career at GE, Tatyana occupied many financial positions in miscellaneous divisions of the company: GE International (Russia), GE Plastics Europe (Netherlands), GE Corporate (Belgium), GE Healthcare Europe (France), GE Oil & Gas (Italy).

Comment by Alexey Levchenko, Chief Executive Officer of Renaissance Credit: "Tatyana has a thorough understanding of all aspects of Renaissance Credit's  business, gained during her work as CFO. Now the bank has set important targets related to business growth in the new market conditions. I am sure, Tatyana's  valuable experience and excellent knowledge of the financial services sector will help the bank to reach those targets."

Evgeniy Mikhalin, member of the bank's Management Board, was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Financial Director. He will continue to supervise the activity of units responsible for accounting, financial and tax reporting, IFRS and RAS reporting, as well as financial forecasting and modelling, budgeting, cost control and procurement. Besides he will supervise the investor relations unit.

Grigoriy Shabashkevich was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Director of Department for Credit Risks of Renaissance Credit and joined the top management team of the bank. Grigoriy will still be responsible for portfolio management, risk management technologies, data management, fraud investigations and statistical analysis. He will also supervise the unit which works with non-performing loans.