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New Deposit Offer from Renaissance Credit is Among Top Five Market Deposits with Interest Capitalization

26 Feb 2021

New deposit offer (Renaissance Savings) from Renaissance Credit joined top five market deposits with interest capitalization. According to Frank Research Group estimates, Renaissance Savings ranks number five among rouble deposits with interest capitalization from top 30 Russian banks by their portfolio size.

The ranking includes one-year deposits with most attractive rates for the amount from 100 thousand roubles. It does not include special deposits and deposits which imply purchasing investment, insurance and other banking products.

Renaissance Savings deposit can be opened at any branch with the minimum deposit amount of 30 000 roubles. If the deposit is opened via remote channels then the minimum deposit amount reduces to 5 000 roubles. Interest is paid monthly on the current/deposit account (capitalization) or the card account, as specified by the client. The deposit envisages such option as replenishment, while partial withdrawal is not possible.
Comment by Yana Bezrukikh, Vice President, Head of Department for Development of Deposit and Commission Products at Renaissance Credit: “We closely monitor the needs of our clients and offer such products which help them solve their everyday tasks. Renaissance Savings is exactly such a practical deposit. In is designed in a way to help the client save money for expensive purchases, vacation or other life goals. That is why the interest on the deposit depends both on the channel where it has been opened and on the deposit term. It reaches 4.4% for rouble deposits and 0.15% for deposits in US dollars. For the same reason, the deposit can be replenished but does not offer the option of partial withdrawal without losing the accrued interest.”