Our Business

Business model: Scalable retail-loan origination machine, rigorous risk management, tight OPEX control

Since the moment of its establishment in 2003, Renaissance Credit specialises on unsecured consumer lending – one of the most high-margin business segments in the banking services sector.

The bank offers popular, simple and easy-to-understand products to individuals:

  • POS loans to finance purchase of goods at retail networks
  • Personal loans – cash loans for any purpose
  • Credit cards

Key features of our business-model:

  • Focus on the mass client segment. The main advantage of this segment is represented by the large scale of business and high demand for credit products on the part of consumers of financial services from this segment.
  • Balanced credit portfolio. Renaissance Credit managed to reach an optimal mix of products in its credit portfolio. POS loans provide access to new clients – they are a cost effective instrument providing valuable information about clients and their creditworthiness. Cash (personal) loans ensure higher stability of the credit portfolio due to longer term and larger amount. At the same time, prevailing share of high-margin products – general purpose loans and credit cards – ensures high profitability of the credit portfolio.
  • Proactive adaptation to changing market conditions. The bank proactively adapts the term of issued loans and acceptable risk level to the expected economic conditions and debt burden of the population.
  • Quality of credit portfolio. Risk assessment methodologies and collection technologies of the bank are among the best in the sector. They insure selection of high-quality clients. Large share of cross-sell to the existing clients allow to maintain high quality of the portfolio and reduce the cost of its replenishment.
  • Diversified distribution network. Renaissance Credit operates in 62 regions of Russia via the broad networks of its branches and points of sale in retail networks. The bank actively develops alternative distribution channels, including own and partner agent networks, telemarketing (telephone-based sale service), partner relations with mobile operators and internet companies.
  • Operating efficiency. The Bank continues to exercise efforts directed at improving the operating efficiency and decreasing the Cost to Income ratio.
  • Active development of non-credit services. Diversification into business lines brining commission income without incurring any credit risk.